Could I ask you for a quick favor?

It won’t take but a second, promise.

Hey folks, Matt here.

I know it’s been a long time. I’ll get around to telling you about it one of these days.

Right now, I’ve got something to ask you.

I’ve had to come to a decision about this site. I haven’t updated it in almost 6 years.

I was updating my server stack the other day and honestly I was just going to take it down.

But there are still a lot of readers coming by each month. I don’t want to leave anybody hanging.

I’ve got to do something with it, though.

Which is where you come in.

Here’s a link to a very short form which has only two questions.

One: What’s your major hangup right now? What’s not working for you? What’s driving you crazy?

Two: What’s the #1 thing you’d like to achieve? Imagine it’s 5 years from now and everything is perfect. What does that look like for you?

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Why am I asking this after a 6 year hiatus?

Great question. The major reason I stopped writing here was total burnout. I lost interest in writing about research studies (boring) and having online fights about research studies (insomnia curing).

I’m asking for your feedback so that I can write about stuff that will help you out.

Don’t be fooled, this is a completely selfish motive.

Does it have to be about fitness, strength, lifting weights, bodybuilding, nutrition or any of that stuff?

Not really.

Around the time I stopped writing here I got a lot more interested in performance psychology, personal development, and all the “Inner Game” aspects of physical conditioning.

I’d rather talk about all that stuff than get into the nuts and bolts of physiology like I used to.

We can talk about existentialism and Aristotelian ethics and Zen Buddhism if you want.

But since this is at least in principle still a site about exercise, it’d be good to keep it at least halfway on topic.

I’m only leaving this up for a month, so share it with anybody you think might be interested

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