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“Your mindset matters more than your workout, but hardly anybody talks about that,” says this reclusive introvert who would rather talk about Aristotle, systems theory and psychology than another boring workout plan

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Hey, Matt Perryman here.

You might have noticed I’m not blogging much these days.

Neither is anybody else. It’s all Youtube this, Facebook live, Snapchat, IG TV, whatever.

Social media is poison for the mind and spirit.

If you want more stuff like the old blog or SQUAT EVERY DAY, jump on the mailing list.

But there’s a catch: You’ve got to apply to join.

It’s 100% free.

But I don’t let just anyone join.

There are too many complainers, whiners, cheapskates, tire-kickers and freebie-chasers out there.

I won’t allow people like that in my world.

I’ll be honest. My emails aren’t for everyone.

If you’re expecting free workout advice, this ain’t for you.

If you’re a ‘non-reader’ who refuses to think for him or herself…

If you’re a bottom-feeding program hopper who expects me to give you a program and a diet — that you won’t use anyway — for free…

You’re in the wrong place.

Think carefully before you apply.

Only people who want to get better and aren’t afraid of thinking for themselves should join.

Sound good? You can apply to join, 100% free of charge, by clicking the red button.

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