Basic Bodybuilding 101: Fat Loss Workouts

I think that the fat loss industry is deceptive. On one side we have the current crop of gurus pushing ‘metcons’ (metabolic conditioning workouts) and claiming that aerobic exercise makes you fatter. Once you’re done laughing at that, you can see that there are major flaws in that concept. ‘Metcons’ make you feel like you’re … Read more

On Effectiveness and Conceptual Frameworks

I complain a lot about people and workout programs. Specifically, I complain about how people look at programs. And diets, for that matter.

Most people go about it wrong-headed. They place emphasis on the actual protocol they’re following, as opposed to why that protocol is actually working.

Your workout and diet are not important. There, I said it.

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Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 E-book

I’ve been a big fan of Jim Wendler’s writings on strength for awhile. For those that aren’t aware, Jim’s one of the big boys over at EliteFTS, a former football player and competitive powerlifter. Like most of my favorite strength-writers, Jim’s always managed to keep things simple, to the point, and effective. There’s a definite trend towards overcomplicating things; it’s the people that can explain strength training in simple and practical terms that will benefit you the most.

Recently Jim’s released a new ebook simply called “5-3-1”. What the hell is that, you ask? In simple terms, it’s a program. However, I hate to use that word because of all the negative connotations involved. It’s better to say that this is a strategy for training.

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