Squatting Like a Maniac [Hell Yeah]

This is going to be another short clip-show post.

The John Broz Q&A Thread – an older thread from BB.com, chock full of golden wisdom from Broz himself. The first 5-6 pages are mandatory reading if you want to squat to a max every day.

Speaking of squats and maxes, Max Aita gives his input on frequent squatting over on Glenn’s board. And congrats to Max for finally hitting that 302 kg (that’s 665 lbs) squat after his 17th try. No-no-no squats have always been the most impressive to me.

Otherwise been a slow week, so that’s all I’ve got for you. I’ll be back with a real post next week.

3 thoughts on “Squatting Like a Maniac [Hell Yeah]”

  1. matt i need to seriously thank you for your articles on overtraining and turning me on to Broz and Pendlay's stuff. For the past year I've been doing linear progression squatting 2 or 3 times a week and kept stalling out around 225×5 and getting some real bad hip flexor pain whenever I got up to that weight.

    Three weeks ago, I started reading about Aita's program, Broz's Q&A, and all the other stuff about how overtraining is BS and if you can't lift something, it simply means you're not conditioned to do it. I decided to go for it. Last week, I squatted to max 4 times. This week, I squatted to max 5 times. Three days ago, I hit 285×3 and 225×10, both massive PR's. Yesterday I felt like crap but still got in the gym and managed to do some singles at 265. Today I came in and felt incredible. Just squatted 325 for a single. I don't know what is going on but it is a huge testament to the power of the mind. I was focused on not overtraining for a whole year and got nowhere. Amazing what happens when you remove limitations.

  2. It's a time investment issue right now. I'm not all that technically-proficient with the full lifts, so it's just easier to rely on the pulls and occasional power version.

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