Maximum Muscle [eBook]

Maximum Muscle is a survey of contemporary research and knowledge on the subject of muscle growth and strength development. What really makes your muscles grow? Why do some people get massive without much trouble, while others can do the same things and spin their wheels for years? What should you be doing if you want to improve your physique?

Here for Maximum Muscle? Unfortunately, I’ve taken it down. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I’ve taken it down because I’ve decided to release a second edition, in which I hope to make a tremendous improvement, in both style and content, over the original.

The truth is I’m not very happy with how the original turned out. There’s plenty of good information and some decent insights, but to be blunt about it, a whole lot of content needs to be ripped out, and what’s left needs plenty of polish. I like to think I’ve improved as a writer and a thinker since that time, and I want to give the book the treatment it deserves.

I make no promises as to when this will be completed, as I feel that it’s bad luck to announce project deadlines, but it’s coming.

Watch this space.