A Fresh Start

Back in early 2007, when I first decided to start a website, I had a mission in mind: to parody, satirize, and criticize the Fitness Industry. For those of you that aren’t aware, even the “Amped Training” brand name was meant as a riff on the hype-filled ad-copy used to sell supplements and diets and … Read more

Squatting Like a Maniac [Hell Yeah]

This is going to be another short clip-show post. The John Broz Q&A Thread – an older thread from BB.com, chock full of golden wisdom from Broz himself. The first 5-6 pages are mandatory reading if you want to squat to a max every day. Speaking of squats and maxes, Max Aita gives his input … Read more

Back to Overtraining

I’m a bit short on time (read: behind) this week, so this won’t be a big update. I highly suggest a look at The Death of Heavy Days: How To Do More Work with Less Obsession by Nick Horton of PDX Weightlifting. I’ve recently become aware of Nick through Glenn Pendlay’s forum, and we are … Read more

I’m not dead. I’m out of ideas.

For those of you that were asking, I’m not dead. I’m not even hurt again, which surprises me more than anyone. About the recent lack of updates, to be totally honest, I just don’t have anything to talk about. I get my inspiration from two places: 1) from interacting with people and 2) getting ideas … Read more