A Fresh Start

Back in early 2007, when I first decided to start a website, I had a mission in mind: to parody, satirize, and criticize the Fitness Industry. For those of you that aren’t aware, even the “Amped Training” brand name was meant as a riff on the hype-filled ad-copy used to sell supplements and diets and … Read more

Squatting Like a Maniac [Hell Yeah]

This is going to be another short clip-show post. The John Broz Q&A Thread – an older thread from BB.com, chock full of golden wisdom from Broz himself. The first 5-6 pages are mandatory reading if you want to squat to a max every day. Speaking of squats and maxes, Max Aita gives his input … Read more

Back to Overtraining

I’m a bit short on time (read: behind) this week, so this won’t be a big update. I highly suggest a look at The Death of Heavy Days: How To Do More Work with Less Obsession by Nick Horton of PDX Weightlifting. I’ve recently become aware of Nick through Glenn Pendlay’s forum, and we are … Read more