Bro-Science vs. Real Science

The Difference in Science and “Unexplainable” Results

This piece is being written in response to the proposition that “scientific theory” cannot explain certain results, in the context of the human body’s function.

More specifically, the proposition was to the effect of:

“If science tells us that the body mobilizes fat in a fashion that is genetically determined, and therefore spot reduction is impossible, then why do some bodybuilders note that when they work the midsection harder that it gets leaner?”

Well ok, the astute among you have likely noted some of the problems here, but I’d like to go into some detail just to eliminate any doubt. This is a treatment of real science vs. bro-science.

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Programs? There ain’t no programs

One of the biggest questions you’ll hear from people, in regards to strength training, is ‘what program are you doing?’ or ‘what program should I use?’ I can’t help but laugh a little when I hear that. Not because it’s a stupid question really, but more because I remember the days back when I was … Read more