Assorted Links on Cognition and Neuroscience

Links of interest:

The Belief Engine by James Alcock — A nice look at the confabulation powers of the brain which lead to bias and irrationality.

Inducing Disbelief in Free Will Alters Brain Correlates of Preconscious Motor Preparation — Your belief in free will influences voluntary control over movement. More evidence that abstract beliefs and psychological framing have a real impact.

How to Keep Catastrophic Thoughts from Killing You by Joe Robinson — More on overriding the built-in stress response with psychotherapy methods. This has obvious applications for “overtraining”.

Brains manufacture beliefs and beliefs generate physiological responses.

1 thought on “Assorted Links on Cognition and Neuroscience”

  1. Even though your site mainly focuses on bodybuilding, strength, nutrition, etc..

    I really like that you add things about neuroscience like this post. Out of these links, I enjoyed The Belief System the most and instantly saw the connection between our own Belief Engines and Bro-Science in the gym. Gotta point that article out to a few people ;-)

    Anyway, don't hesitate to keep posting things like this in the future. Motivation, beliefs, values, etc. are most of the time precursors to getting in shape in the first place, and so are just as valuable, if not more in some cases, than the actual factual new research that comes out in the field of fitness IMO.

    Keep up the great work!

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