It’s no secret that I’m a verbose writer. I try to keep my articles under a 4000 word cut-off, but that’s still a chunk of text to digest on a computer screen. As much as I love to read, even I don’t have the patience to sit staring at the window for 10-20 minutes to process an article of that length.

Recently I jumped on the Future Train and got myself an Android mini-tablet. This is a handy little device, as I’m sure those of you with iPhones and Android phones will attest, and I’ve found it surprisingly useful for organizing all the reading material that floats around me like the cloud following that dirty kid in the Peanuts cartoons.

For the purpose of organizing the web articles I come across, I’ve found Read It Later indispensable. Find a long-ish piece that looks awesome but you just don’t have time right now? Click “read it later” and it’s stored in your account and synced across platforms. Set it up in your browser and on the mobile device and you’re set.

It’s such a cool idea, and with my long articles likely being more the norm than the exception, I decided to add a button down at the bottom just in case anybody wants to make use of it.